Peggy Stewart, Navy Girl at Home
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Peggy Stewart, Navy Girl at Home

Book Excerpt a’s had but a moment before rested, her..

Book Excerpt

a’s had but a moment before rested, her face alight with affection as she exclaimed:”To meet you ‘way, ‘way out here, Compadre!”

“‘Far from the madding crowd,’ Filiola. Five miles to the good for these old legs of seventy-four summers. They have served me well. I have no fault to find with them. They are stanch friends and have carried me many a mile. But you, my child? You and Tzaritza and Shashai? Come hither, my beauty,” and the free hand was extended to the colt which instantly advanced for the proffered caress.

“Ah, thou bonny, bonny creature! Thou jewel among thy fellows. Ah, but you possess a masculine frailty. Ah, yes, I’ve detected it. Oh, Shashai, Shashai, is thy heart reached only through thy stomach?” for now the colt was nozzling most insinuatingly at one of the ample pockets of the old gentleman’s top coat. Never had those pockets failed him since the days when he had ceased to be nourished by his dam’s milk, and his faith in their bounty was not misplaced, for a slender white hand was

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